Other services:

During the winter you can rent showshoes (2 pairs). You can walk for example on the lake or in the forest and fields.

There is a place for campfire half a kilometer from the accomodation buildings.

"Kota" is located 200m from accomodation buildings.

Kota has room for twenty persons and you can grill food there.

Lake and the nearby forests are suitable for ski tour. We maintain the ski track during the winter with a snowmobile.

During the summer you can hike the forest paths. You can also collect mushrooms and berries from the forest in the autumn.

Volleyball can be played on the field between LomaPirtti and Sammalmmaki.

During the summer you can swim, row and fish in the lake Husu.

Usage of the rowing boat is included in the rent of accomodation buildings.

You can also order breakfast in addition to accomodation. Breakfast will be served in the main building of the farm.

We can also offer coffee and foodservices for large groups.